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How to Care for A Classical Guitar   от Kremona Bulgaria на 27-07-2010 12:06:12
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Classical guitars are reasonably durable and easy to care for but they are musical instruments that are carefully assembled from exotic woods; and there are some basic rules of care you should follow to insure your guitar gives you many decades of outstanding sound and performance.


Here are some simple guidelines:


  • Instruments are predominantly from wood of varying types, and wood, being a living breathing thing, can be very strongly affected by changes in both temperature and humidity. This is because different types of wood will expand and contract at different rates with temperature or humidity changes. This expansion and contraction can adversely affect the performance of your instrument or even make it unplayable.
  • To avoid any problems from temperature or humidity you should always store your classical guitar in your home in a moderate temperature. Never store it in the attic, basement, or some other place that is not climate controlled. This is usually not a concern if you are playing the guitar on a regular basis but if you plan on putting it away for long periods of time find a place in your home to store it.
  • When transporting your guitar be aware of changes in temperature and humidity. Keep it with you inside the car, don't transport it in the trunk, particularly if the weather outside is unusually cold or unusually warm. And when it has arrived at a new destination open the case and allow it to adjust
  • Wipe the guitar down after you play it. Body oil, sweat, etc. and the fine finish on your guitar don't mix well. A soft shammy cloth wipe down is necessary to preserve this finish. Don't forget to wipe the fingerboard and strings down also. This will minimize buildup of oil and sweat on the strings and frets.
  • Caring for a classical guitar is not a hard thing to do but there are a few common sense guidelines to remember and if you follow these guidelines you can expect your instrument to continue giving you its best sound for a many years to come.
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