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For years "The Six Million Dollar Man" did not see a [url=]Cheap Movies[/url] release due to licensing issues with Universal and its original creators, but in 2010 the entire series was released through "Time-Life". Now, if people couldn't afford the complete box set or couldn't buy directly through "Time-Life" all seasons of "The Six Million Dollar Man" will become available for purchase individually. The bionics themselves are more carefully worked out than I had expected. While certain limitations are clearly originally intended purely for story-opportunity purposes, they're generally used consistently. Moreover, the classic opening animation can now be stop-framed and examined carefull, as we could never have done in the old broadcast days, revealing that the producers/designers had put a great deal of thought into the bionic capabilities. The numbers don't quite add up accurately, but they're not all that far off compared to what a slapdash and handwavy approach to the technology would have produced. [url=]TV Shows[/url] Season One of the Six Million Dollar Man is very interesting viewing for a number of reasons and while it doesn't rank with the Season Two or Three Seasons in terms of overall quality, this may be an unfair comparison in some ways.

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