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 Относно :New instrument, small buzz.. 03-11-2015 00:38:39 
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Hello friends at Kremona,


My wife just bought me a Sofia SC and I am enjoying the instrument immensely. The plyability, clarity of intonation, and sustain are remarkable and I am hoping to keep this instrument for a long time.


Unfortunately, I have noticed two small nuisances that are making us ponder the purchase a little. There is a small buzz in the G string at the 4th, 5th, and 6th frets when the string is plucked at medium to heavy volume. Is there a way of treating this without compromising the action at the bridge? There is not a single buzz anywhere else on the fretboard.


Also, for some reason the nut does not extrend fully the width of the neck, so there is a small gap of about 0.3 cm between the end of the nut and the end of the neck. Was this something that the dealer would have done (changed out the nut)? Or is this a peculiarity of the Sofia? Where might I buy a replacement that does fit properly? Would an original nut perhaps fix the buzz issue?


Thank you for allowing me to send so many questions! I truly love your instrument.


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