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 Subject :Orpheum Mandolin.. 08-05-2011 17:48:57 
mark stubbs
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I was lucky enough to come across an old orpheum mandolin ( i'll post pictures) and i'm having a hard time gathering infomation on the model and company. 

My research led me to Kremona.  

The owner told me it was her Grandmother's mandolin and she partially recalls it was made sometime in the late 1920's.  Is there anyone that can provide me info on this model?

thank you.



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 Subject :Re:Orpheus Mandolin.. 08-05-2011 17:54:23 
mark stubbs
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 Subject :ОТГ:Orpheum Mandolin.. 10-05-2011 14:50:04 
Kremona Bulgaria
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Hi there,


Yes, our company made madolines many many years ago. At the end of 20-ties and 30-ties of the past 20-th century. Now we don't produce such instruments anymore.

We are specialized in classical guitars and bowed instruments.

That mandoline you own is not our production. It's branded Orpheum not Orpheus wich is our nowadays trader brand name for giutars.

Google it and you'll see that is Japan made many many years ago.

Here are some Google results: http://www.gearwire.com/orpheum-mandolin.html

Thank you for your interest and good luck with your further research.



                                                                      Kremona-Bulgaria Ltd.

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