Care for your instrument

With a little care, your new Kremona should last a lifetime. Here are some instrument care tips to keep you playing.

Avoid leaving your instrument in direct sunlight or next to a heater. Avoid stowing your instrument in the trunk of your car in warm weather.
Though your Kremona has been crafted of carefully selected and cured tone woods, heat can be a detriment. Direct or prolonged heat can dry out the wood, which can lead to shrinkage and cracking.

Keep your Kremona in 40-55% relative humidity. Consider a case or gig bag.
Proper humidity is the key to keeping your Kremona in top condition. Heaters and fireplaces can dry the air, as can cool air conditioning. The best remedy is to keep your Kremona in a hard shell case when not in use. Evan a gig bag can also provide thermal protection to your instrument.

Gently clean your instrument after use.
Buildup of atmospheric dust, epidermis and sweat can reduce the sound quality of any instrument. It is a good idea to gently wipe these away from the surface and strings of your instrument.   100% cotton cloth is safe for cleaning the surface of your Kremona.