What makes us unique


Est. 1924. Kremona boasts a rich heritage spanning a hundred years in crafting exceptional guitars. After World War I, our founder, Dimitar Georgiev, earned a luthier apprenticeship and honed his skills in building string instruments in Markneukirchen, a renowned luthier town in Germany. In 1924, he founded a small luthier studio and called it Kremona. A century later, our workshop remains faithful to the German luthier tradition. Our unwavering commitment to detail and our dedication to preserving the handcrafted essence of guitar making define our approach. While we have grown and advanced, one thing stays the same – our love for building instruments that are well-made, with remarkable sound, aesthetic beauty, and exceptional playability.



Made in Europe. Nestled in the heart of Europe, our workshop in Kazanluk, Bulgaria enjoys a breathtaking setting. Surrounded by the mountains that lend their name to the Balkans and situated in the Rose Valley, home to the famed Rosa Damascena, this stunning environment infuses our instruments with unique sound and character.


100% Build in House. We take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to crafting our guitars entirely under the same roof. We do not outsource any part of the process. Every component, detail, and element are handcrafted by our skilled luthiers. This strict control and precision ensure the exceptional quality of Kremona guitars, a responsibility we entrusted solely to our highly trained staff.



Handcrafted with Luthier Mastery. Our focus centers on the art of handcrafting our instruments, drawing from our rich history, luthier lineage, and extensive experience. To this day, we use no robotization or mechanization as we believe no machine can replace a well-trained hand and a gentle human touch. Our experienced luthiers dedicate one and a half to two months to craft each guitar. Kremona guitar’s build time is comparable to that of an individual luthier. This approach allows us to meticulously attend to every detail, creating guitars that are not only unique but also possess an extraordinary voice and beauty.



Quality. Quality is our utmost priority, extending to even the unseen and untouched components of our guitars. Each instrument undergoes meticulous inspection and is played by our highly trained setup team, comprised primarily of musicians. Their expertise guarantees that our guitars meet the highest quality standards, offer exceptional playability, produce extraordinary sound, and are truly comfortable.


Premium Materials. Our team sources the finest tonewoods available, carefully selecting exotic woods from India, Madagascar, Patagonia, Brazil, and Spain. Careful consideration is given to pairing each guitar with its top, back, and sides to ensure superior sound and visual appeal. Whenever possible, we opt for local materials and woods to reduce our ecological footprint and support the local economy.



Commitment to Innovation. While we draw inspiration from our century-old tradition, we are unceasingly dedicated to innovation. We continuously explore, experiment, and refine our techniques and approaches to elevate our craft.


Classic Elegance. We believe in the timeless beauty of simplicity. Our guitar designs embrace the classical tradition, characterized by clean and elegant lines that define all Kremona instruments. Our guitars are true to who we are – each is unique, dependable, attractive, bringing to the world a lovely voice.


Love. At Kremona, we're driven by our passion for art and music. We take pride in crafting instruments for musicians of all levels and styles, cherishing the emotional connection with those who play our guitars.



Family. By choosing Kremona, you are not only choosing a world class instrument but you are also becoming part of our Kremona family.